Monday, May 11, 2009

I got tagged!

OK, I I’ve been tagged by Erin @ Gluten Free with a Purpose. Normally I am not into these things, but I am a tired girl this Monday morning at work... and am in full procrastination mode. So why not, right? Plus always fun to learn little snippets about your fellow bloggers. :)

#1 What is your current obsession?-summer salads, food blogs (per usual) and beautiful Spring weather!

#2 Which item of clothing do you wear most often? Well since I have to pull myself somewhat together for work everyday, the first thing I do when I get home in the evenings is put on some flip flops and comfy sweats!

#3- What’s for dinner? HMMM GOOD question! Any suggestions, I am searching for some inspiration today. :)

#4- What are you listening to? My CEO dictate some new marketing materials to our graphic designer in one ear, and in the other ear I have Jackopierce playing. They are a band I adored in college, and I saw them play live on Saturday night. They were terrific & it brought back sooo many fantastic memories of my days in Boulder. Couldn't have loved a time in my life more!

#5- Say something about the one who tagged you: Erin is always pointing out fun new gluten free products!

#6-Favorite vacation spot? Maui is always a favorite of mine, the ocean brings me peace or anyplace new.. I am ALWAYS up for a new adventure!

#7-What are you reading right now? Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist By Michael J Fox. His outlook on life is inspiring!

#8- Four words to describe yourself? fun, loyal, loving and loves to cook and bake! Wait was that more than four words?? Opps... maybe I should say "has trouble with directions" ;-)

#9-Guilty pleasure? LOST! Can't get enough of this damn show...

#10- First Spring thing to do? get out and enjoy life with good friends and family!

Tag, you’re it! I’m tagging Lynne @ Honeymuffin

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Jessica said...

I love reading tags, I can't explain it. Anyway, I also love Jackopierce. I went to SMU and they used to play all of the time there so that band, and your tag, brought back some memories!